Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This may be silly, but it's just for fun. =P
..and because i'm too indecisive when it comes to these tags. lol

Having a hard time deciding what to have put on my personalized tags. 
I'm using this "blog" to get opinions. 
I have temp tags for a couple more weeks, 
i'm trying to decide on a cute license plate/tags ahead of time. 
I will probably delete this later. lol

Use the two polls, to the right --------->
Let me know what you think.

My name isn't available, unless you put a number before or after, 
and even then the choices are very limited. 
Who knew there were THAT many "Sasha"s 
in Virginia with personalized plates? lol 

So, these are the choices I have. Unless anyone can suggest anything 

(up to 6 letters/numbers, including a space) that isn't already taken? 

Still open to other ideas. :) 

(...It almost looks like the tag is really on the car,
not bad for a quick edit with! lol)
This is sorta how it will look on my car, 
with the pink leopard frame.

So far, I'm kinda leaning more toward "IPURRR" or "7SASHA", maybe? 

Which tags would look better on my car? 

*(XCUTEX and CUUUTE is not me being conceited,
the CAR is what I am saying it cuuuute lol Not me.)*

Then, I can choose between the Heart, Butterfly, 
Chesapeake Bay or Parrotheads plates. 

Which do you think would look better on the car?
I'm thinking the heart may look better?
The others may get cut off a little, by the frame?


(Chesapeake Bay)



I know PNKLEP makes sense, considering my car accessories are pink leopard print. 
But, IPURRR kinda fits too, right? Purr = cat/leopard? Ya think? 
I wish my name hadn't been taken! I almost had it! It was available, 
with a space at the beginning, someone took it. 
MYSC2 = My (Saturn) SC2, the model of the car. 
The rest is pretty self explanatory. lol :)